Hello Dear Users!
All Publishers must Request Payment before 1st date in case the user will not get paid
until next month.

Regards Uploadrar Payment Department.
Bot Generated Traffic Users are Banned
Hello, dear Loyal Users!

We have Banned almost 15 Accounts Due to Fraud for Generating Traffic using Proxies and Bots and Automated Machines,
We do not allow such behavior we have High Security to track Every Download every Successful download is Counted
as Completed after 2 mins when it passes our Security Check.
Servers are Down
We are aware of the issue and are working to resolve it. We have had a fiber cut in our area and out fiber tech is working to get everything working again. We do not have an ETA as to when every thing will be back at this time.

If your service begins to work before we get back to you we please let us know.

Thank you for your patience
Movie Uploads are Not allowed
Hi dear users!

Movie Uploads are not allowed on if a user Upload a movie their account will get banned immediately.
Buy Uploadrar Premium Key from our Partners
Good News Dear User!

Now You can Buy Uploadrar Premium Keys From one of Our Resellers Below With Affordable Prices.

Bitcoin Fees Increased
Bitcoin Fee is increased due to Short in the market
Payoneer Withdrawals
We have added Payoneer instant Payments Withdrawals user Requesting payments using payoneer will get their Payments
We have added more security
we have added more security for Completed downloads where before users were generating earnings for none completed downloads
now they cannot generate earnings for none completed downloads.
Uploadrar Migrated
Dear Visitors We have Migrated to Host more visitors and Increase Performance thank you.
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