Paypal Problem
Paypal Problem Resolved

85mame85   December 6, 2019

when is the Bitcoin payment ?

Kapil   December 9, 2019

I don't any other payment method system. So please tell me when paypal start working?

fantap   December 10, 2019

i need to use paypal not other methods
thanks ...

85mame85   December 10, 2019

why my bitcoin Payment still PENDING ???

TheScareCrow   December 14, 2019

you show Skrill as an account you can pay to, I do not see Skrill as an option in the menu to select ?

Barosanu   December 15, 2019

Please fix Paypal payment method!

85mame85   December 15, 2019

why you are not paying on other method ?
my bitcoin Payment still PENDING

cumiche   December 18, 2019

I do not use another payment method only Paypal, when will they use that method again?

kanger   December 22, 2019

PayPal fixed?

kanger   December 22, 2019

What is the payout rate in uploaders?

admin   December 22, 2019

Paypal is Fixed

85mame85   December 23, 2019

admin please tell me the bitcoin payment time
i waiting for 26 day now

85mame85   December 24, 2019

any one got paid recently ?

banload   January 6, 2020

i no received payment (webmoney)
why report my account is PAID ???

userpro   January 26, 2020

i need Skrill method

85mame85   January 27, 2020

i requested my Payout
1 is pending the other is rejected
please pay all of the in once

85mame85   February 6, 2020

admin please contact me

cumiche   April 14, 2020

Webmoney is not in the payment option

cumiche   April 14, 2020

It is a shame that they have this problem with Paypal and webmoney, because all my downloads were going to go through here.

zapamietajqs   April 1, 2021


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